Many think that it was Gorbochav's reforms that changed Russia for the better: However here in the west many believe it was Regan's tactics that brought about the end of the communism to Russia. But many Christians know that it was God's response to our prayers that really brought about change in Russia. Many regions in Russia and some of its previous republics are open for evangelization; however this field is large and that is why we are trying to unit many from around the world to pray so that God may send workers to those regions in need. We need to equip them with Biblically sound goals because the Devil has brought much evil doing to those regions. Many local missionaries require financial aid since local churches are unable to support them because of their poor state as well. In the country there are a large number of orphans, homeless children, and the disabled, which the government is unable to help. Now it has become the responsibility of the local church because God calls himself the father of the orphans, so we as his children also must support those in needs. If you feel that the Holy Spirit has laid on your heart to help them you can do it in many different ways. For example, we have several books translated into Russian which can be purchased by you and sent to any friends or relatives in Russia. Or you can finance current or pending translations which we have been unable to do, also because lack of needed funding. We have already established a support program with orphans in Russia. We have also created this website in English and Russian and hope to attract young men in Russia to get involved with this website and any other projects we may have. For this to happen we also require financial assistance from people like you. On this page we will be posting ads from our brothers and sisters in Christ who are seeking help. So that their voice may be heard and so that those who want to help can. Before placing these ads, we gather as much information about them as we can including their characteristics and that of the church and thoroughly expect it. Because we know that in present day Russia there is much corruption and lying. We want to make sure that your assistance falls into the right hands. Please check out this page and if you would like to help or require additional information for any reason, please contact us! E-mail:
The Faithful Baptist Witness, By: Dr. Phil Stringer
In evangelism, education, missions, and youth ministry, Baptists have always been innovators. Their distinctives of the priesthood of all believers and soul liberty have encouraged creativity and independent thinking.
The history of the Baptists proves that the Baptist distinctives work, providing an atmosphere that God can bless and use. The sole authority of Scripture proves an answer for every problem and issue we face.
The Baptist heritage is outstanding! It is a story of faithfulness and evangelism. It is a story of bravery, of sacrifice, and of boldness. It is the story of a "trail of blood."
Our past is glorious. The future has yet to be written.

Repentance is more than a sinner's prayer. By: David Cloud
A study on biblical repentance and a timely warning about unscriptural methods of presenting the gospel. A Faulty Method of Evangelism has produced a change in the doctrine of Repentance. Repentance defined by preachers of old, illustrations of repentance, and God's repentance. Chapter Three looks at four "Unscriptural Presentations of Repentance". Chapter Four is titled "Does Salvation Make a Difference," demonstrating that profession without a corresponding change of life is not biblical salvation.

CCM under the spot lighte. By: David Cloud
To our knowledge this is the most extensive examination of Contemporary Christian Music in print. It features: The intimate connection between end-time apostasy and CCM. The love affair between CCM musicians and secular rock music. The ecumenicalism of Contemporary Christian Music. The close association of CCM with Roman Catholicism. The intimate connection between CCM and the Charismatic Movement.. Documentation proving that CCM is owned largely by secular corporations. Lyrics to CCM songs illustrating the vagueness and heresy of their message. Careful documentation of every fact presented. How to keep Contemporary Christian Music out of churches. Where Christians should draw the line with music.

The Means of Inspiration. By: Dr. Phil Stringer

Was Scripture given by mechanical Dictation?

It is not possible to be crucified only a little bit! By: Vladimir Litvinov

Written by many authors, this book gives answers to hard questions encountered in our Christian life and leads to the right Scriptural conclusions. Controversial issues are handled well by using the Word of God.
Anyone interested in a practical study of the Bible for personal use or to teach to others will benefit from this book

Angelina Urbel Tartu, Estonia. We have opened a rehabilitation centre for released prizoners that have accepted God while serving their time. Some of them have spent up to 25 years in prizon. The adaptation to a free life is very difficult. We ask for your prayers and financial help. At this moment, we have over 100 people turn out for sunday service. Most of them have taken a responsibility to study the bible with devotions. It is very important that they find a job after their release from prizon. This is why we ask everyone that can to aid in helping with this new life.
Farida Nizamutdinova Karakol city, Kirgizstan. The christian orphanage needs help in attaining computers. The use of computers for learning is a critical step in job preparetion. At this time we have a total of 58 orphans. It is important for us to prepare them for a future independent life. We count on your help with faith.
Sergei Gajula. Russia, Kaluga Region.
For many years I have worked as a missionary pastor in the Kaluga Region and live in a small city of Sosenskoe. Besides my main missionary work in 3 different places I also visit and help a local orphanage. I have been visiting this orphanage since it first opened. I help in any way I could as well as the church in Sosenskoe. I myself have 6 children and I am not indifferent to their lives. But we are very restricted in resources. I would like to ask for your financial support as well as prayer for my missionary work in this region and the orphans.
Eelgis Abdumomunov Karakol city, Kirgistan
Greetings, my name is Eelgis. I am a pastor of a small church in Kirgistan. My church has 10 members. Before that I was involved in the construction of a Christian orphanage and not too long ago began working with people. I am looking for brothers who are willing to help us in the construction of the kingdom of God in Kirgistan. Because most of the population in the country are Muslim it is really hard to reach them with the word of God. We endure many hardships. But thank God we get through unhindered. We pray so that we may have our own business where our brothers and sisters can make a living and finance the church. We plan to buy livestock and sell at a higher price. But if we are unable to sell then we can use it in our restaurant. But practically without any capital we are unable to start any business. Now we need approximately ten thousand U.S. dollars. We will be very grateful if someone would like to be our sponsor.
Anna, Slavuta city, Hmelnizky region, Ukraine
Good Day. Please help find a sponsor for a Christian school. Our church has 102 members. Of those 70% are retired, 20% are unemployed, 32 members are youth. In the Sunday school program 35 children from 4-13 years are taught. Plus many children visit us but not on a regular basis. Some of them are orphans and some only have one parent. To conduct normal classes with the students we need tables and chairs and other miscellaneous supplies. We calculated that we need approximately $1500 U.S. dollars. We would be very grateful if someone could contribute. But we would be happy if someone could contribute any amount. One more request. 2 years ago on Christmas Our children received gifts from the U.S. in shoe boxes. The children were very excited and joyous. But for the entire time of the Sunday school program it was the only time. If it is possible we would like similar gifts for our Sunday school program. In any case we wish you blessings from God.
Noorseit Kalikov, Bishkek city, Kirgistan
Hi, my name is Noorseit. I have been praying for a long time that someone would help me and my family. I am 15 years old, my brother is 17 and my sister is 12. We all live in a bachelor apartment. Once we lived well, but not now. Because my father took out credit to lend to others, but they people did not return their loans on time and my father went bankrupt. Because of this I came to God. Now my brother and I cannot learn because we need to work to make money for bread. But I really want to learn. I am praying that someone can help me. Thank you in advance.