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Christian holidays Christian holidays
«Merry Christmas!»
«Merry Christmas»
«Happy Easter»
«Christ has been raised from the dead!»
«Happy Easter!»
The Harvest Feast
«The Feast of the Harvest»
Christian greetings Christian greetings
Church affiliation
«Congratulations on your engagment!»
«Just imagine that...»
The blessing of work
«Blessing of work»
«The Lord loved you!»
Thanks, gratitude
«For my friend»
«Thank you»
condole with smb, ghostly comfort Condole with smb, ghostly comfort
Loss of jobs
Greetings Greetings
On leaving school
«For a graduation student»
For very dragon teacher
«For dragon teacher...»
On graduating from university
Retire on a pension
«Congratulations on your retirement!»
He (her) has been advanced
«Congratulations on your elevation!»
On a birthday
«Happy birthday!»
«For you!»
«Happy birthday!»
Wedding cards
«Close to you»
Birth of issue
«New born baby!»
Пожелания Wishes
To bestow a blessing
Spiritual grow
«Grow in grace and knowledge»
Act of faith persistent
«I will be with you»
He (her) wishes you joy
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